Brand 307 Update

Jul 22, 2014 | News

Boy, summer goes by fast…already half-way through it!

So what’s new with Brand 307? Cheyenne Frontier Days is upon us! We’re playing at Uncle Charlie’s on Wednesday (Cheyenne Day) and on Friday and Saturday. We love the folks at Uncle Chucks and we have been looking forward to this week all year long. Get away from the CFD masses and have a beer with us!

We have a big performance at the Grizzly Rose in Denver on July 30. It’s the finals for the Country-Throwdown Battle-of-the-Bands and a great opportunity for us… we have a chance to play our music for new fans and a new venue. We could really use your help, though. Not often do you hear about a little ol’ band from little ol’ Cheyenne getting a chance to play in such an iconic venue. A big part of winning these finals is having a big crowd reaction and following. If you have some free time and want to party with Brand 307 at the Grizzly Rose, please join us.

We are knee deep in writing the songs for the new album. Already we’ve been featuring some of the songs in our live show and you all are diggin’ ‘em. And yes (spoiler alert)… Our version of Boys from Oklahoma will be on there!
And finally, we have a new website. Check it out, poke around, click on stuff… we hope y’all like it.

Please go and check it out: 


Brand 307

Brand 307 Schedule
July 23, 25, & 26: Uncle Charlies, Cheyenne, WY
July 30: Grizzly Rose, Denver, CO
August 2: Knotty Pine, Pine Bluffs, WY
August 23: KYGO Firearms Festival, Denver, CO
Sept 9, 12, & 13: Sundance Steakhouse, Fort Collins, CO

If you are interested in booking Brand 307, please click here.