Brand 307 at the Grizzly Rose, Denver, CO

Jul 10, 2014 | News

So we were called in last minute to perform and compete at the Grizzly Rose for their weekly Country Throw-Down Battle of the Bands. It was an amazing experience. The Grizzly Rose is a legendary place to play and getting an opportunity to showcase our music and talent, was frankly awesome.

The staff and sound people were beyond professional. They made us sound great. Also, the other band were stand up folks and it was cool to hear them perform some Randy Rogers. Rarely do you find other local area talent play Red Dirt music.

To top it all off, we also won!!! Baam!!! So on July 30th, we are headed back down to perform in the finals. I can only imagine the level of talent that we will be competing against. If any of you fans can join and cheer us on, we would be much obliged.

– Brand 307