The Band

There’s no denying that Brand 307 is bringing Red Dirt Country to the Front Range music scene… rooted in the rebel traditions of Waylon and Willie… going against the grain and believing in their own brand of music. Rough, gritty, honest and heartfelt describes the attitude that Brand 307 brings to both their original songs and selections from popular artists in their live shows.

For the last couple years, Brand 307 has been rolling up and down the I-25 corridor in support of their debut album, Justified. Crowd favorites, Buckhorn Bar and Time for a Shot, are staples in the band’s live show. In addition to a lineup of originals, Brand 307 chooses songs that are suited to their style of music and the type of live show they want people to experience. Brand 307 has opened for numerous country and mainstream national acts, including: Uncle Kracker, Randy Rogers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Aaron Lewis, the Casey Donahew Band, Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr, and Craig Morgan.

Currently, the band is hard at work writing songs for their next album slated for a 2016 release. Brand 307 takes pride in being a little rough around the edges… determined to keep country music planted firmly on the ground.

Now, a long way from their early days of playing covers, the band has gained a sense of identity in who they are and what they want to do… If Wyoming’s warm reception is any indication, Brand 307’s songs are most certainly resonating.

Alex Stephenson

Red Dirt Nation

The opening act was an up-and-coming ‘Red Dirt Country’ band called Brand 307, and they are good. If you get the chance, go see them perform… Brand 307 saved the night at the Gryphon.

Brian Trautwein

95.1 Y95 Country

Miles Traveled

Bottles of Rumple

Guitar Picks Borrowed From Bobby




  • Drinking from Really Long Straws 86%
  • Borrowing Picks & Batteries 98%
  • Pick & Battery Management 23%



  • Trailer Backing Skill 87%
  • Eyesight 35%
  • Gear Speak Skill 100%


Lead Guitar

  • Getting Meal Receipts 89%
  • Pick Inventory Management 100%
  • T-Shirt Collection 98%



  • Sound Engineering 85%
  • Spilling Stuff 98%
  • Beer Holding While Playing 83%



  • Cable Rolling 88%
  • Driving Home in the Wee Hours 92%
  • Tolerance for Bulls**t 12%